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Officers: World War Two


Score: 9.5/13

Written by Dan Allen

There is no real story to speak of, but that’s no biggy – though it may dampen the overall sense of purpose and motivation to see the campaign through. You take on the role of a key Allied officer and recreate famous battles that were vital in stopping Germany’s invasion of Europe.

The gameplay itself is very good, and the strategical challenges that Officers throws at you are, at the very least, going to make you plan ahead a little if you want to overcome it in a decent amount of time. Thanks to the grand scale design of the game, you’re going to want to put the thought in to avoid spending hours-upon-hours on each stage of the campaign…

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About the game

Games Factory Interactive’s “Officers: World War II” has some great features and bags of potential, only to be let down by a lot of ‘samey’ gameplay and an overall generic RTS feel.

WWII is a frequent choice for RTS’s, and Officers uses every home comfort available to make players of the genre feel right at home. The campaign begins at the infamous D-Day landings and throws you straight into the excitement of the battlefield, wasting little time in warming you up for the action. You’re more than ready for it though, as you will have no doubt played this game a bunch of times before without realising it.