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Written by Drunken Gamer

There are many challengers to the RTS throne, but one thing that every fan of the genre will agree on is that the original StarCraft is up there with the very best of them. If you don’t agree, then, well..you are wrong.
With its evenly matched multiplayer gameplay, engrossing single-player storyline and well designed races, StarCraft was instantly loved by gamers the world over when it was released. So much so, in fact, that it is still being played regularly to this day, 12 years after it’s 1998 release.
Thankfully, after years of delays and excuses, StarCraft’s much anticipated sequel, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, has finally gone into the closed beta stage. To say i’ve been eagerly awaiting this would a gross understatement.
Whether me getting a beta key was luck, or just the Blizzard PR guys attempts to stop my constant questioning as to when it would arrive, we will never know.
Nor do I want to know – I got my access to the beta either way!!
Somewhere during my first match, between having my base overrun by Zergling’s and watching the attack force I had sent to my first opponent being torn apart, I realised I should probably share my opinions on the game with you guys.

The very first thing to talk about is the new look BattleNet system. When you log into the game you seamlessly log into BattleNet at the same time. The interface looks great, everything is simple to understand and it’s all easily accessible. One of the most important things you can access from this view is your player profile. Anything you could want to know about your account is here, from achievements (which were disabled at this stage of beta) to match history and even your win/loss statistics.
Selecting a previous match from the history will present you with the final overview of that match, showing you a bunch of interesting details, such as your average resource collection rate, unit production and even an overview of your build order.
This is all very useful information for the future, allowing you to determine exactly how, and why, you lost or won a match. Hopefully, using this information, you can then refine your tactics for a more successful battle next time. You can even see what your opponent did during the game, helping you figure out what worked so well for them, and why your troops were cut to ribbons while theirs just stood there..laughing.

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