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Synology Release DS110+ & DS210+


    Following on from the release of their impressively equipped DS710+, reviewed in issue 26, Synology are back with another 2 awesome NAS boxes.

    The recently released DS110+ and DS210+ offer average read speeds of 108MB/s and write speeds of 68MB/s and 58MB/s respectively.  Both the Synology DS110+ and DS210+ are equipped with 256-bit AES hardware encryption engines that can offload the security encryption tasks away from the main CPUs, helping to improve file transfer speeds of the DiskStations. The Synology testing lab shows that the hardware encryption engine boasts reading speed that is about 200% faster than a pure software encryption.

    Similarly to the DS710+ both devices are eco-friendly with the DS110+ consuming just 21 watts of power under normal operation (which can be reduced further by using Eco hard drives) and the DS210+ consuming just 30 watts. Thanks to the included DSM2.3 software, both machines offer the amazing functionality as the 710+ with the ability to schedule power on/off functions, to further reduce the impact on your electricity bills.

    With limited resources and manpower, SMB encounters difficulty in managing multiple pieces of network hardware. Running on the award-winning system software, Synology DiskStation Manager 2.3 (DSM 2.3), the Synology DiskStation DS110+ and DS210+ can cost-effectively replace other devices and even PC servers on the network. Web Station allows the hosting of up to 30 websites on a single Synology DS110+ or DS210+. Mail Station add-on turns a Synology DS110+ or DS210+ into a mail server. Surveillance Station 4 enables SMB users to safeguard their properties with a centralized interface by deploying IP cameras. File Station 3 and encrypted FTP server simplify Internet access. HTTPS, firewall, and IP auto-block support ensure file sharing over the Internet is protected at a high security level.

    The DSM 2.3 includes new features such as easy RAID and volume management with Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR), backup to the cloud with Amazon S3®, EZ-Internet wizard that walks users through all the complex settings like port forwarding and DDNS, and video surveillance with iPhone® DS cam, making the using experience of the Synology DS110+ and DS210+ just got better.