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Ico Due a HD Remake?


Rumours of the cult classics ICO and Shadow of Colossus are circulating the internet and we couldn’t be more excited!

While it’s only a rumour so far, The Sixth Axis reports that the HD release, going under the name of “The Team Ico Bundle will be released Q1 2011. If this turns out to be true expect to see the T1 team celebrating at the local!

The original release of Ico for PS2 was a little underwhelming and flew under many peoples radar despite being a thoroughly brilliant game. At the time, it was mis-understood, but as recognition grew, the second hand market flourished with the original game still demanding a good price on auction sites.

This appears to be a developing trend with the Sony console with both God of War and God of War II undergoing similar treatment. If their re-release is anything to go by, we can expect a visual treat to accompany the amazing gameplay offered by both titles.

Here’s hoping that this time around, gamers appreciate the quality that was offered by the original titles as the original PS2 release for both Ico and Shadow of Collosus were a little underwhelming for retailers.

Things are looking good for Team Ico with their most current title in development – The Last Guardian looking truly fantastic, time will only tell if The Team Ico Bundle is real, but we sure hope so!

keep your ear to the interweb for more details.