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Lead the Meerkats (Review)



Thirteen1 readers will hopefully recognise that we love animals. The badger is a favourite and adopted mascot – just see the previous few editions. But even the bar-code bear of the night has its place when there are meerkats involved. And thanks to Lapland Studios, we have been blessed with an opportunity to fulfil our animal desires with the adorable WiiWare title, Lead The Meerkats. With its skillful blend of simulation and RTS gameplay, and at just 1,000 points, its ‘simples’ but value for money.

The bright colours and catchy bass line seize the attention right from the intro screen. The palette of colours featured here, and throughout the game, are evocative of the sun-scorched desert, the setting for what should be a radiant simulation of humble meerkat life. However, darkness has crudely engulfed the meerkats, and the drama, captured by an evocative storytelling technique – in the style of cave paintings – sets the tone for what is a plot based on triumph-over-adversity.
A rival pack of dark coloured meerkats have invaded during a thunderstorm and usurped control of the lush, fruitful Savannah desert. One of the female meerkats was split from the pack and washed up on the other side of the river bank where the conditions are much more austere. Your objective: to find a new partner, procreate, assemble a new pack then usurp the land of the heroin’s ancestors from the rival pack.

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