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Battle of the Immortals Q&A


Continuing our series of Q&A’s with the guys at Perfect World Entertainment, we discuss their action RPG ‘Battle of the Immortals’.

To find out a little more about this interesting title, the ever inebriated DrunkenGamer talks to Product Manager, Jon Belliss about what makes this game different to any other Perfect World Entertainment title released to date. From its unique isometric view to its mount levelling system; it has certainly caught our attention, read on to find out more tantalising tid-bits about a game that promises to be just a little bit different.

For those readers who will only just be hearing about Battle of the Immortals, Could you give them a quick overview of the game and its back story?

An MMO with an action RPG at heart, Battle of the Immortals has a heavy emphasis on dungeon raiding and amazing gear called Soul Gear. The world of BoI is set 300 years after Ragnorak, and pieces of this war—Soul Gear—are scattered around the globe. Players must collect these ancient relics of power in order to be able to stand against the threat of the evil Dragon Emperor.

The first thing I want to ask about was the last-minute delay to the beta, was this a hard choice to make and was the result worth it?

It was a hard choice in the sense that we had a lot of anxious people waiting for Battle of the Immortals. And we know they were unhappy when we delayed the game. But at the same time, it was the right choice—a late game is only late once, a bad game is a bad game forever. The changes we implemented during the delay were primarily to cater to Western gamers and the response so far has been great, so I have no doubt we made the right choice.

Why the choice for this game to go with the isometric view and not your usual 3D view?

Battle of the Immortals is the first title from our Shanghai studio, and they really wanted to give BoI a distinct different feel from other titles.  Additionally, many Action RPG games use this perspective, and we wanted to replicate the same feel that an Action RPG does, but in the form of an MMORPG.

Both Pets and Mounts have seen changes and enhancements from what has been seen in your other games, can you tell the readers a little about those changes?

The pet system in BoI is amazing.  Players will be able to tame nearly every monster they encounter in the game.  Upon taming a monster, the amount of customization in terms of progression is nuts.  You can build your pet to be a damage machine, you can build your pet as a tank, you can assign each individual stat as it levels up.  There are 16 unique stats for any given pet, and all of them can be customized or built to your liking.

Now regarding mounts, traditionally mounts are just methods of transportation. They are a means to an end.  In BoI we’ve changed things up a little.  First and foremost is the fact that you can level up your mount.  As your mount levels up, it not only gets faster, but it changes visually.  Your mount could start as say a giant bird, to a giant bird that has a saddle, to a giant bird that is fully armored, to a giant bird wearing armor that’s glowing.  On top of that, mounts in their higher levels have the ability to learn new skills such as sprint or teleport.

Now lastly with the mount system, each mount has a buff associated with it.  Whenever you dismount, you’ll receive a 30 minute version of that buff.  As you level up your mount, the buff will be upgraded in terms of its effectiveness.  Now if all of that isn’t enough, the final touch is that there are some mounts that are what we call “multiplayer mounts”.  So if you have a mount that has an awesome buff, you can give your friend a ride and give them the buff as well.

How big a part of the game is group play? Is it possible to play through the game solo if you were so inclined?

It is possible to solo through Battle of the Immortals, but the game is way more fun if you join a group. For example, the Knight’s Jail instance is way more fun if you go with a group than the solo version.

In another interview I read you mentioned that some instances support multiple parties, where you will be competing against them as well as the NPC’s. Could you tell us a little more about that?

Yes, there are some instances where you will not be the only party racing to fight the boss. In these cases, it’s imperative to get through mobs as quickly as possible and even if you’re the first one at the boss, other parties might try to PK you for the loot!

How big a difference are there between the various instance levels, and the rewards they offer as a result?

Obviously the instances scale and loot increases based on your level. In fact, the dungeons will take the average level of the players in the group and scale out the difficulty that way. This is where having a mixed group with both high and lower level characters can really make an instance easier.

As this game pulls in several mythologies as source, of the all the gods from those sources, which would you most like to be?

I would have to say Hephaestus, god of technology and crafting.  I’m a big techie and I myself have spent a lot of time crafting Battle of the Immortals into a more “Western-friendly” game.  I’m constantly driven by people’s responses to BoI and hope to continue to evolve it as time goes by.

  • b.o.i

    dont ever play this game.. its a waste of time.. and they just want u to buy zen for rl cash which is a real waste in this game.. far too much gamble.. pvp is more than worse.. a lot of bugs.. nearly no support for the community.. etc. etc. it may looks n1 but its simply not..

  • areudumb

    LMFAOO this game is the shit, everybody is playing it and the pvp is awesome, especially the Ancient ruins, in that you have 2 teams of 18 and fight till one team makes 20k points by taking over the centre ground. it so damn fun you should try it again and zen is 1cent for 1 Zen which is worth it unlike some other companies

  • BOI

    Have to say one of the best free MMO’s out there dont belive any idiot out there go play it and see for yourself great cash system also :)

  • LadyKikyo

    i have to agree this game is amazing, ive played it maybe a month or 2 and addicted …u want a lame game go try Mythwars 2 – compared to their Ingots buying system and BOI’s zen system i say the zen is at a good price now. although i am not a fan of dropping dead thanks to someone pking me lol boi has to be the best game ive played in a long time.

  • Shadeheal

    i agree with it being one of the best free mmos ive ever played its so addicting. i like the way they took elements from all the other pw games and add some new ones such as zen trade and the instancing system is much better than any of the other free mmos ive played as are the classes even though there are only 5 of them thats all boi needs and each one is strong in there own way which means everyone is on equal footing if they learn how to play their class.