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Split/Second Velocity (Review)



I’ve mentioned my love of arcade racing games in the past; realism can be damned for me. I want to be out there on the track power-sliding around corners, not in the garage calibrating my suspension.

The latest arcade racer to come out is Blackrock Studios, Split/Second: Velocity, and what makes this particular game stand out is probably best explained by the single-player campaign’s storyline.

You take on the role of a racer trying to make a name for themselves on the reality TV show ‘Split/Second’. Being reality TV, pure racing is hardly entertaining enough for the viewers, so they have rigged the tracks with an absolutely massive amount of explosives and all kinds of other traps; DrunkenGamer likes big bangs. These explosives are controlled by you and the other drivers on the course, but only once you have earned the right to use them through ‘Power Plays’. Power Plays will literally send cars & busses flying across the track, cause planes to drop out of the sky and even change the track itself.

I’ll tell you what – turn this into a real show and you might finally get me watching reality TV!

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