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Heroes of Three Kingdoms Q&A


Finishing off our series of Q&A’s with the guys at Perfect World Entertainment, we sent the DrunkenGamer once again, to talk to Andrew Brown, Production Manager for Perfect World Entertainment.

This time around, we turn our attention to their new and upcoming oriental MMO, Heroes of the Three Kingdoms which promises greatly detailed character creation and a massive choice of weapons to specialise in, all focused around three opposing factions fighting for domination. Great battles are plentiful and there’s more Kung Pow Beef than you can shake a chopstick at… Ok, we made that up, but we certainly want to find out more.

For those readers who will only just be hearing about Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Could you give them a quick overview of the game and its back story?

Heroes of Three Kingdoms puts the players right in the middle of the one of the bloodiest periods of China, right into the Han Dynasty and the time surrounding the battle of Red Cliff. Players will have a choice between the three fabled kingdoms Wei, Shu and Wu, and to lead them to total victory and rewrite history.

How much effort has been made in regards to keeping the game historically accurate for the time period it is set in?

Of course, there are concessions to be made anytime you take a real life event and put it into a form of media, but this game was developed in China, so you can be sure that keeping it appropriate accurate and respectful to history was something the devs would want to do.

One of the features is the ability to go back and take part in pivotal battles from the era, could you give us the details of one such battle?

Yes, there are historical instance that players can go into and play such milestone battles as at Red Cliff. Without spoiling it, players will also be able to use these pivotal moments to help change the tides in favor of their kingdom and even rewrite history.

You used motion capture to make the attack movements in the game as accurate as possible, how long did it take to record it all?

A very long time. We wanted to ensure that movements in Heroes of Three Kingdoms were as fluid as possible, so we painstakingly used motion capture technology, similar to what movies use, to add this into the game.

The game also has 18 different types of weapons from Glaives to Talons, will a player be able to use all of these classes on a single character or is this something that will have to be a choice at creation?

Players won’t be restricted to just one weapon from character creation. In fact, players are going to want to have several different weapons on hand, to switch and adapt play style depending on the situation.

Will crafting and trade play a big part in the game or will that be more of something to do between battles?

There will be a advantage for players to craft and trade within the game and for guilds, this will definitely give them an advantage in battle.

How much impact will the faction system have on the player experience, will siding with on faction limit your access to another factions areas, for example?

Once you choose a faction, you won’t be able to switch to another. We definitely recommend reading up on each one before you choose!

Will players that have read Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War have an advantage over the other players?

Heck yes, and not just in Heroes of Three Kingdoms! A great example of this is in the Kingdom War system where kingdoms can decide whether to attack, build up their forces or even trade with one or both sides that are fighting. The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

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