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Castle of Heroes – Babel Expansion


Normally browser based MMO’s get tragically overlooked, but they really shouldn’t. They have one strength over full MMO’s in that they can be played anywhere you can get an internet connection. And that’s a hell of a strength.

Castle of Heroes, a hugely popular free-to-play game published by the guys at gPotato, puts you in the place of a group of heroes caught up in the war between four playable races. By taking on the enemies that roam the lands, you gain experience and items to enhance both your army and Castle.
The fights play out in a strategic turn-based manner, where your army is shown on one side of the battlefield and the enemy lines at the other. You can either jump in and manually control the battle or sit back and watch as the battle plays out for you, reminiscent of the classic ‘Heroes of Might and Magic’ series.
As you progress up the levels you will find yourself switching between finding things to kill and heading back to your castle to spend your hard earned resources. You will use your spoils to replenish your lost forces as well as building or upgrading segments of the castle.

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