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Jade Dynasty: Vengeance Expansion Announced


    MMO behemoth Perfect World Entertainment Inc have announced the latest expansion to Jade Dynasty, entitles Vengeance.

    The update, which is released on August 25th,  adds two new playable factions, daily events and a territory war system that will allow alliances to battle it out, as well as a new story.

    Players will be faced with a tough decision between aiding the humans in their search for immortality, or joining the immortal Athan race to destroy the humans.

    “New and existing players can look forward to new features and content in the upcoming expansion that will help progress the ongoing story between humans and the immortals,” said Andrew Brown, Product Manager.

    Here are Vengeance’s new features:

    • New Factions – Choose between two new Athan factions including the Celan, known for their ability to manipulate foes and support allies using their music notes of the Immortals, or the Rayan, feared as deadly assassins, even among their own allies.
    • Territory Wars System – For the first time, experience true, ongoing alliance versus alliance warfare, which will vary from server to server.
    • PvE Daily Events – Participate in new PvE daily events designed to have much higher rewards.
    • Party System – Communicate across realms to similar level players for easier partying.
    • Unique Auction House – Bid on high-level or one-of-a-kind items on the auction house, which will award items to players for having the lowest unique bid versus the highest.