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October Issue of Thirteen1 Available Now!


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    The October issue of Thirteen1 is available now, once again covering all angles of the gaming industry! From reviews of Castlevania and new puzzler The Ball, to features on the latest Bounty Bay content, upcoming releases, tips from industry pros on how how to get a job in gaming, and much, much more!

    The cover of October’s Thirteen1 features action from Bounty Bay Online’s latest expansion, Atlantis, which the DrunkenGamer has taken a thorough look around to discover what it adds to the swashbuckling MMO. If there’s two things the DrunkenGamer likes, it’s free to play MMO’s and Pirates…and beer. OK, three things.

    But he’s still got a game to run amongst all this seafaring action, and this month’s diary of his work as a developer/designer/drunken-superman on gangster MMO Omerta’s “Deathmatch” version explains just how hard it can be to integrate and balance new features in online games.

    With impressive ships being the leading theme of the month, what better time to check out the rising Facebook sensation that is Vikings of Thule? It is winning over a lot of gamers, so T1 decided it was time for Facebook gaming addict TurkeySaladBoy to take a look at it.

    The online space has also seen the beta release of MicroVolts, a Toy Story-come-Team Fortress MMO-shooter. This latest issue goes hands-on with it to let you know what it’s all about.

    Football gamings Goliaths, Fifa and PES, are at it again this month with their annual releases going head-to-head in what’s surely become the hottest local derby of gaming. Rather than running a review of each, Thirteen1 have brought both into one feature that focuses just as much on scoring the games as helping you decide which one is for you.

    Of course, October means Halloween, so this month’s 13-1 countdown features a particularly spooky vote on who are the Most Terrifying Gaming Characters.
    And if it’s monsters you want, look no further than Konami’s latest action adventure, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It’s packing plenty of massive bosses to defeat, but is that enough to carry it through a crowding genre? You can find out here.

    All of this is complemented by a feast of other content, including more reviews of classic titles from yesteryear, unique reviews of gaming soundtracks, a look at upcoming martial arts MMO Age of Wulin, free competitions, and more!

    Enjoy the issue!

    • Ben

      I’m still not able to download the PDF version. Is that still being worked on/will that be made available at a later date?

    • DrunkenGamer

      this should now be fixed – a slight typo in the config file for the issue

    • Ben

      Yes, thanks, it’s working now!