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Bounty Bay Online – Atlantis (Everything you need to know!)


We`ve been at sea fer moons now, most o’ th’ crew be havin’ scurvy, th’ water ran ou’ moons ago, at least we still be havin’ bee….Bilge water be ou’ grog..Set sail fer th’ nearest port!! Bounty Bay be closest!

For our readers not familiar with Pirate speak, roughly translated that means it has been a few months since we last took a look at Frogsters Pirate based MMO, Bounty Bay, and with the launch of its latest expansion, Atlantis, what better time to check in with them than now.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at what players can expect to find in this anticipated expansion.

Level Cap Increases
An MMO expansion staple, Atlantis will push the level cap on Bounty Bay Online from 120 to 150. This will allow the players that had reached the level cap a new opportunity to expand their characters.

New areas to Explore
One of the good things about being out at sea is the opportunity to discover new lands to explore and plunder. Atlantis adds two entire new regions for the adventurous seafarers to explore as they work towards their new level cap.

The Bimini Islands
Located in the Caribbean Sea, these mystical islands are home to all kinds of strange and wonderful creatures. As you work your way around the heavily forested islands, you will learn about a hidden entrance to the lost city of Atlantis, but getting there will involve fighting your way through a labyrinth against the hordes of angry cat creatures that call it home.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there are dangerous sea monsters lurking around ready to take a shot at players that don’t pay attention to what they are doing.

The Northern Islands
To balance the nice warm setting of the Bimini Islands …

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