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Review – Vikings of Thule


Facebook is saturated with copycat games occupying the same genre: farming, cooking, fishing and petting. How about Vikings? Gotcha! Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

So give credit to Iceland’s GoGoGic and their pioneering social game, Vikings of Thule, which popularises Norse culture (just in case you nodded off during history in school) and delivers the sort of whack to the senses that would even make the likes of Asterix proud.

Vikings of Thule is an MMOG on the facebook platform. You have to admit the prospect of charging around as a Viking, a mercenary group in history famed for being more blood-thirsty than merchant bankers, does give one the horn. The premise of the game is simple – select your avatar and allegiance from one of the cities illustrated on the authentic map of Iceland, and strive to become what is effectively one of the 39 members of the Viking parliament, otherwise known as the Althingi (perhaps they were tanked up on Thule beer during that particular brainstorming session).

Progression is achieved through the accumulation of RP: respect points. The higher your respect, the higher your ranking. RP can be cultivated by owning a house, land, and attracting new followers – Peasants, Huskarls and Jarls – who bring daily rewards in the form of bonus RP and resources. This resource management element empowers you to develop a Viking empire in your own way, while extra daily bonuses can be looted by clicking around the map. The charitable GoGoGicians also incentivise repeat logins with further Viking booty, so you’re well rewarded for staying loyal to the game.

Runes, universal to the broad canvas of RPG’s, enchant your weapons by adding extra menace to their attacks. If you have money to burn and find the quick-win irresistible, the likes of shiny weapons and body armour can be purchased with in-game currency, Silver Coins, via the traditional methods of credit card, mobile and prepaid card. There is also a dynamic trading system that allows you to trade items with other players.

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