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November Issue Available Now!


    Click here now to dive straight into the latest edition of Thirteen1!

    The November issue of free to read online-based gaming magazine Thirteen1 is available now, featuring first looks at upcoming MMO’s, tons of online and console reviews, fun features, and a chance to win a special Collectors Edition of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm!

    This latest issue of T1 takes a first look at upcoming arcadey MMO brawler, GetAmped2. With deep customisation options and a retro arcade feel, there are plenty of reasons why it’s one to watch out for in the coming months. Be sure to check it out.

    Free-to-play behemoths Frogster have just announced yet more content for their mega successful online game, Runes of Magic.

    Acting as this months cover feature, the DrunkenGamer has you covered with a preview of all the new zones, stories and characters you’re set to encounter in the latest patch.
    As promised last month, Frogster also took the time out to answer ‘your’ Bounty Bay Online questions, with Daniel Stahlkopf stepping in for a quick fire Q&A on all things treasure plundering, pirate ship captaining…and Geena Davis.

    The November issue of T1 is packed with multi-format reviews, from the DrunkenGamer’s look at casual Wii platformer Ivy the Kiwi?, to the controversially ridiculously hard-to-judge Deadly Premonition, a game that’s extremely awesomely craptacular, in a good way that’s bad…uhm, of course.

    T1 is as excited as anybody when it comes to all the new Star Wars games we’re getting recently, so this issue features a review of the new Clone Wars Adventures MMO, as well as an in-depth interview with the games lead designer, Matt Higby.
    The interviews don’t stop there either, with Teotl Studios – developers of puzzler hit, The Ball – taking the time out to answer a few questions on all things past, present and future, including a console release of the hit indie game. Don’t miss this one!

    T1’s bevy of original features are all present too, including a rather disturbing 13-1 countdown of gamings most Unlikely Lust Objects. Ever listened to GlaDoS from Portal and thought “Hmmm, sexy voice and cake – I would!”? Well, this is definitely the article for you!
    This month’s Breaking Into the Industry section is also a real special one, with top illustrator Tracey Butler and InstantAction.com’s Deborah Fike dropping in to offer golden tips on how to bag your dream job in gaming.

    There’s even the usual soundtrack reviews to tuck into – because the epic scores from top games just don’t get enough recognition these days; a look at some retro classics, drinking games from the DrunkenGamer’s devious vault of alcohol injected gaming, and much, much more!

    So much content, such a big magazine, and all for free. Enjoy!

    Comps and Giveaways!

    This month’s issue of T1 gives you the chance to get your hands on some top gaming goodies, and they’re so easy to enter (for free!) that you’re literally one click away from winning it all.

    Leading the bounty this month is a special competition to win a Collectors Edition of World of WarCraft: Cataclysm, the upcoming expansion for what’s roundly considered the ultimate MMORPG. You’ll be the envy of your online-gaming friends with this one!
    You can bag also bag yourself a copy of Paradox’s history-sculpting RTS, Lionheart, as well as the opportunity to win a massive bundle of retro gaming goodness!

    • Melissa

      Could it be that the PDF download is (once again) still disabled?

    • Ben

      PDF download is (once again) not working?

    • DrunkenGamer

      It is available now – That link should not appear till the PDF is available usually a few days after the on-line version. This is due to us having to make layout changes and tweaks from the on-line to PDF templates

    • Melissa

      Thanks, but I don’t know what “link” you’re referring to. I was talking about the download button in the bottom bar is usually available right from the release of this mag, it’s just not working (even though you say it’s available now, that button still doesn’t work).

      When I click on it, it opens a popup that says “Issue 26 PDF” (24 Mb). Then I can click there to download, and a save dialog opens, in which the filename is actuall “Issue30.pdf”. But when I hit save, nothing happens… nothing is downloaded.

      If there is an alternative link where I can download the pdf version, then please let me know!