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Thirteen1 February Issue Available Now!


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    The February issue of online-based games magazine Thirteen1 is available now, giving you all the gaming goodness of a proper mag without the pesky hassle of having to go out to the shops and spend money on one.

    This month’s T1 is rammed with up-to-date gaming content, from reviews of new zombie RTS Trapped Dead and the deliciously evil Dungeons, to looks at upcoming conferences, tours of the latest MMO’s, interviews with gaming soundtrack composers, and much, much more!

    The undead are making a welcome return to gaming this month, thanks to Iceberg Interactive and HeadUp Games releasing Trapped Dead, their highly anticipated strategy-based twist on the brain-munching genre. It’s about time zombies changed their image, so be sure to check out the pre-release review in the latest issue of T1 to see what it’s all about.

    Prefer to take a walk on the evil side instead of always playing the goody two-shoes? Well, with a review of Kalypso’s latest offering, Dungeons – where you get to play as a dungeon master who lures heroes into his domain; as well as the DrunkenGamer’s massive tour and Q&A of Faxion Online – a game that lets you pick sides in the battle between heaven and hell; this months T1 has got you well and truly covered.

    Speaking of the DrunkenGamer, when T1’s resident Guinness drinker wasn’t ripping the wings off angels in Faxion (he chose evil, of course..), he was immersing himself in some scary-as-hell Dead Space 2 action, inventing new drinking games for you to try with your mates, and keeping himself busy with his job as lead developer of gangster MMO, Omerta.

    Fancy a job in gaming? Of course you do! That’s why T1 is on hand to help make it happen.
    Check out this month’s wise words from industry expert Deborah Fike to see how you can get your foot in the door, then skip over to the build up coverage of key upcoming gaming event Festival of Games, where publishers, developers and plucky job hunters will be gathering to discuss the future of all things games.

    There’s loads more to check out in this issue of T1 too, including a countdown of gaming’s greatest escape artists, a stellar interview with award-winning composer Jason Graves (of Dead Space fame), reviews of some classic retro titles, mecha-suit action with CosmicBreak, a chance to get your hands on some top gaming goodies, and more.

    And it’s all free!

    Enjoy the issue folks.

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    • Ghoul

      I enjoyed this issue, as well as all the others I have read! :)
      I remember the embed Flash Nintendo DS Gow did…
      Ah, that was annoying xD