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Thirteen1 Showcases Awesome Conquer Online Features


Thirteen1, in collaboration with TQ Digital – publishers of the smash hit free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online game, Conquer Online – detail the fantastic features that have made the game a worldwide success, with over 10 million registered players and counting.

Set in the mystical realm of ancient China, Conquer Online, published by TQ Digital, lets players take on the role of a brave hero in a world where terrible creatures lurk and magnificent adventures are around every corner. With millions of users to interact and quest with, PvP battles of epic proportions, as well as a huge amount of special features, there’s no wonder Conquer Online has kept players captivated for over seven years.

Players aren’t stuck playing tedious classes like in so many other MMOs, because Conquer offers six uniquely crafted martial-art themed classes to choose from. Will you be the silent Ninja, who uses its devastating attack powers to swiftly take down foes? Perhaps you prefer to be a tough Warrior that can take the hits as well as dealing them out; or the noble Trojan, who wields dual weapons with deadly efficiency. If both attack and support are what you’re looking for then the new Monk class is the way to go, with its mixture of excellent offense and vital healing capabilities. The Archer deals powerful attacks from a distance and can target multiple enemies, while the Taoists, the offensive Fire and defensive Water, are formidable spell casters.

Once players have chosen their character they can step into a huge and magnificent world to seek out their destiny – having tonnes of fun along the way!

Players don’t get bogged down in difficult controls and menus, because Conquer believes that simplicity is the best route to a good time. What’s more, players won’t find themselves grinding away for days on end like in many other games – Conquer features quick levelling and addictive gameplay to keep the experience fresh and exciting. Players can even set their character to train while they’re offline, so they can get on with their real-life whilst gaining experience in their virtual one!

Conquer suits both new players and grizzled veterans alike. There are starter quests to get beginners onto their feet and into the game as smoothly as possible. From then on, budding martial artists can experience entertaining and engaging quests to help their characters progress. Once a character has reached level 120, the distinctive Rebirth System allows them to be reborn as a new class who is much more powerful than other new players, complete with a striking character design. Multiple rebirths result in different battle powers, ensuring that the player can keep having fun even after reaching the level cap more than once.

The graphics may not be as up-to-date as some other current MMOs, however battles in Conquer are fluid and impressively animated. Every class has an array of abilities, each of which is expertly realised on the battlefield.

Conquer’s complex-yet-simple equipment system allows to gain extra attributes and powers through their gear. There are hundreds of different weapons and accessories to find, and there are massive amounts of options for customisation.

But questing and slaying monsters aren’t the only ways to have fun in Conquer. The game has an extensive Player vs Player experience, from Guild Wars to the recent World Elite PK Tournament , where winners from 68 different servers got together to compete for the honour of champion. There are even unique PvP events, such as the Extreme PK Tournament, which pits women against men in an all out battle of the sexes; and the Couple PK Tournament, where in-game husbands and wives take on other couples. With so many interesting events to choose from, players will be hard-pressed to find a better, more varied PvP experience.

After a hard day’s fighting monsters and throwing it down in the arena, Conquer offers a slew of features to check out in during battle downtime. They can purchase their very own house, decorate it with new furniture, and even invite guests to entertain. Players can take part in horse racing, mining, tons of on-and-offline events, as well as many, many other activities. Conquer is a truly versatile MMO that has stood the test of time for good reason.

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