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Rift Giveaway!


Want to get your hands on a Digital Collector’s Edition of the best new MMO to hit the market? Then pay attention.

We’ve teamed up with Trion Worlds, developer of the awesome new online games, RIFT, to offer up 5 downloadable Collector’s Editons for your gaming pleasure.

Upgrade your RIFT experience! The RIFT Digital Collector’s Edition includes everything that comes with the RIFT Digital Standard Edition, plus a two-headed turtle mount that increases your speed by 60%, increased primary backpack size and a Collector’s Edition-only pet that sets you apart from the other Ascended.

The Collector’s Edition upgrade is worth a cool £40, but you can get one for free just by answering our easy question. Good Luck!

Just follow the link to enter the competition and win yourself a Digital Collector’s Edition.