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Congratulations Are In Order For Jagex Games Studio


    Jagex are honoured by the prestigious Queen’s award for Innovation.

    If I were to go ahead and mention the name Jagex, I’m pretty sure that the majority of you readers would have heard of them (most notably for their browser title RuneScape), if not you must have been living under a rock for the past decade, or perhaps you just haven’t explored past the realms of your ISP’s homepage.

    Nevertheless; Jagex Games Studio are the UK’s largest (and probably most well known) independent games studio, and have proudly announced the receipt of a much celebrated Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

    wilderness_1You will probably not be surprised to hear then that Jagex won the prestigious award in the Innovation category for the continuous development of RuneScape.com, the hugely popular and successful online multi-player game and the technology that underpins it.

    Jagex used ground-breaking proprietary technology to develop RuneScape, and it has been continuously developed since it was published 10 years ago. The thing that really make this technology special and makes Jagex true innovators would be that it enables users to access the game on almost any internet enabled device, without the need for any downloads or clients, which makes the game instantly accessible.

    Commenting on the award, Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO, said:

    “This award is a real testament to the Jagex team and their unrelenting passion to make Jagex a leader in online games development, technology and publishing. It is truly an honour for Jagex to be recognised with the highest accolade for British businesses particularly as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. This award will be a source of delight to the team and symbolises our long term commitment to being one of the best companies Britain has to offer.”

    For anyone that didn’t know — The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is an awards programme for British businesses and other organisations that excel at international trade, innovation or sustainable development. They are the highest official awards for businesses in the United Kingdom.

    Later in the year a representative of the Royal Family will present the Grant of Appointment and Award presentational crystal bowl at a special ceremony at Jagex’s offices in Cambridge.

    So I think a big congratulations is in order for one of the UK’s most loved independent games studios, and we hope they will continue to be innovators for any future projects.

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