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Review – The First Templar


Strategy developer Haemimont Games have made the brave move of switching to an action/adventure/RPG hack-fest with their latest release, The First Templar.

Reversing the role from similar-yet-not-quite-ripped-off franchise Assassin’s Creed, The First Templar has you playing, you guessed it: Garfield. Only kidding, you’re a crusader in the olden times when massacring for religion was a jolly pastime, putting you at the forefront as a Knight’s Templar on a quest for the Holy Grail.

Note now that I’m going to try my damnedest to refrain from Monty Python references for the rest of the review.

So it’s the late 13th century and you’re French; what else are you going to do than swan off to find some ancient doohicky? You play as Celian, a young knight who has undertaken this quest but soon finds he is on the cusp of a full-scale conspiracy within the Order of the Knight’s Templar itself. Celian teams up with foxy heretic Marie to unveil the conspiracy and avoid the Inquisition in the process.
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