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Modern Warfare 3 – Information Leaked


    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, tons of information leaked and trailers released.

    So, Modern Warfare 3 then…there’s been a fair bit of hype around the latest Call of Duty title, but all I can think is that Activision’s strategy to (presumably) make as much money as possible from the franchise by releasing a new game every year is going to eventually kill the series, much like the recent demise of Guitar Hero (or at least it’s hiatus).

    By pushing for a new release every year, this really makes me wonder whether the quality of gameplay will be compromised. We all know Modern Warfare 2 was filled with glitches/hacked accounts and whatever other nonsense you can think of. So will we see better security and support with the latest title?

    Game Developer Treyarch have proven that it can be done, and with great results with Black Ops, the community feedback and regular iterations and updates show that they are committed to providing the best game experience possible.

    There’s been four new trailers released for Modern Warfare 3. You can find the England teaser trailer below:

    Somewhat typically, there has been a lot of ‘leaked’ information for MW 3; you can find a lot of the details on here, that’s if you feel like you just can’t wait anymore.

    But a recent statement from Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling has said:
    “A lot of hype & a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I’d wait for the real reveal.” (via twitter)

    From what information has been leaked, it seems as though this is shaping up to be another great game in the series, I for one just hope that there is much better support and bug fixing throughout the games life.

    If you have any thoughts on the latest Call of Duty, please share them in the comments below.