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Minecraft Beta 1.6 Out Now!


    It’s always exciting when a new Minecraft update comes around, it seems like finally SMP (Survival Multi-player) has been given some much needed TLC.

    There’s a whole bunch of new features, which I will outline below but by the looks of it, Notch has really had his work cut out with the amount of bug fixes that have been addressed.

    With games like ‘Terraria’ having such good multi-player features I think it’s about time Mojang stepped it up a notch, let’s hope the recently added features keep people entertained enough to prevent people from abandoning the game for what is effectively a 2D version of Minecraft.

    You can check out a short trailer of the new update below.

    New features:

    • Added Nether support to multiplayer
    • The client will ask minecraft.net if the current login is valid. If the server says “no”, a warning message appears in the client. You can still play the game even if this happens.
    • Added craftable maps
    • Added hatches
    • Added tall grass in some biomes
    • Mushrooms now spreads (very) slowly
    • Added server property view-distance. Sets the radius of terrain updates (in chunks) to send to the players. Range 3-15, default 10.
    • Added dead shrubs in deserts
    • Added allow-nether (set to true or false) in server.properties
    • Blocks destroyed by other players in multiplayer now shows the breaking block particle effect
    • Doors make sound for other players in multiplayer
    • The record player now supports more than 15 different songs (you can’t get the records yet, though)
    • Activated dispensers make sounds and trigger particles in multiplayer
    • Players stuck in walls will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one

    You can view the full list of features and bug fixes here.