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Indomitus Closed Beta – Grab Your Gift “Exchange” Code Now!


Online-gaming publishers Koramgame have just released Indomitus, an exciting new free-to-play browser-based MMORTS with a focus on massive battles, city building and heroic leadership.

We love a good MMORTS, and think this game is so promising we covered it in our latest issue; check it out here: Indomitus Preview!

To celebrate the release, we’ve teamed up with Koramgame to give you the opportunity to play their brand new game with a few additional bonuses. Using these “exchange” codes will allow you to claim an Item Pack, which will add extra items and benefits to your account.

Koramgame’s strategy epic, Indomitus, unfolds in a savage era of European history. Play as a barbarian warlord on a quest to conquer Europe and join thousands of heroes like Attila the Hun as they clash in epic battles. Join the war today!
Indomitus is aiming to stand apart from other browser games by offering a refreshing new player experience. Koramgame are saying there’s more ways to battle than any previous strategy game of the same ilk. Real time city sieges, historical battles, bandit raids, PvP face-offs, Guild battles and more are lying in wait for you and your troops.