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Thirteen1 July Issue Available Now!


    The July issue of T1 is available now, packed with the latest gaming news, reviews, previews and features!

    This month’s issue includes:

    End of Nations – DrunkenGamer Special!
    -The DrunkenGamer talks you through his hands-on time with the new MMORTS

    Legend of Robot
    -A new, democratically designed PSN Game – those Bearded Ladies have got style.

    F.E.A.R 3
    -Is Alma still the scariest kid on the block, or has she calmed down with age?

    -Quite possibly the best looking racer, ever! And it’s an indie game too.

    ..and more!
    -Tons of reviews, previews, features and comps to check out!

    Legend of Robot
    We take a look at the latest PSN game from The Bearded Ladies – Legend of Robot
    Find out how the game was created with the help of PSN community members, and all about it’s unique gameplay mechanics!

    Get a job in the Industry!
    Want to work in the gaming industry? T1 is here to help.
    This month, industry expert Deborah Fike uses her column to give you top tips on completing your personal gaming projects.
    If you’re a budding game designer, be sure to check this out!

    Win Paradox Games!
    Fancy a copy of Pirates of Black Cove and Supreme Ruler: Cold War?
    We’ve teamed up with Paradox Games to give you a chance of winning their two latest games!

    T1 Countdown – Portable Games!
    Check out our 13-1 countdown of the most addictive portable games ever made!
    Monster Hunter, Tetris, Angry Birds..which is the ultimate game for keeping your fingers busy?