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Introducing Tiara Concerto, a Musical MMO


    California based developer Gamania Digital Entertainment are bringing forth a new breed of MMO, a Musical MMO in the form of Tiara Concerto.

    Based in a world where humans’ annihilated the Earth after stripping it of all of it’s resources and were forced to flee into an alternate dimension thanks to the legendary Seven Wise Men. In this realm, humans live on floating islands in the sky.

    Many years have passed and in that time, humans have developed a skill called ‘Tuning’. Tuning is a skill where they use instruments to produce resonance with energy from the past, thereby allowing them to slowly reclaim resources from their homeland.

    Together with the other two playable races, the Elves and the Beasts, Humans must work towards destroying the Rhythmic Monsters prowling the skies and reclaim their lost civilization.

    Featuring a completely different style of combat to most MMO’s, Tiara Concerto is well worth keeping tabs on. Closed beta is starting soon, with no release date scheduled as of yet.

    Head on over to the official website to learn more about the game http://www.tiara-concerto.com

    The official Facebook page will be periodically releasing new information about the game in a comic format called Tiara Concerto Mini. http://www.facebook.com/

    Is this MMO a fresh new sound or is it playing out of key? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

    [Source: Games Press]