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Thirteen1 August Issue Available Now!


    The August issue of T1 is available now, packed with the latest gaming news, reviews, previews and features!

    This month’s issue includes:

    The Best of Comic-Con
    -We check out Guild Wars 2 and loads of other titles at this years Comic-Con!

    Free-to-Play FPS Guide
    -Thirteen great free-to-play FPS games. But which is best for you?

    Diablo III
    -The DrunkenGamer voices/rambles his opinions on the controversial announcements

    Street Cleaning Simulator
    -Honestly, we’re not making it up..

    ..and more!
    -Tons of reviews; including From Dust, Bastion, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Tribal Trouble 2; plus previews, features and comps to check out!

    Star Wars – KOTR!

    We take a first look at one of the most anticipated games since..well, ever!

    See how we rated the Comic-Con build and how it matches up to the current competition

    Terra Militaris – Conquest!

    The top free-to-play MMORTS gets a massive free update!

    We re-review Terra Militaris and bring you all the info you need to know about the latest expansion, “Conquest”

    DrunkenGamer’s Drinking Games!

    Like your friends? Like having a few drinks? Like having a few drinks with your..you see where this is going.

    Be sure to check out the DrunkenGamer’s latest L.A Noire and Ms ‘Splosion Man drinking games. Perfect fodder for your weekend of fun. If you’re old enough, of course.

    T1 Countdown – Gamings Best Setpieces!

    Check out our 13-1 countdown of gamings greatest setpieces

    A list of those awesome moments that made you go, “Damn, did you just see that!?”

    Enjoy the issue!