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Jurassic Park Bursts on to the Scene Like a Rampaging T-Rex


From renowned Indie developer Telltale Games, Jurassic Park is a re-imagining of a franchise, allowing players to go and visit the dinosaurs.

The design team behind the Jurassic Park game were all fans of the original series and this can make all of the difference when doing a movie to video game crossover.

Working with people from Universal and palaeontologists, this game has the makings of being the first one that really feels like you are on the island.

Very little is known about the content of the game as it is up to the player to discover the mysteries of the island. What is known is that you will have to escape the island before the dinosaurs eat you alive, rather than being a dinosaur shoot ‘em up, it is more like Heavy Rain with dinosaurs.

During a developer diary, the team displayed a new dinosaur that has never been seen before. A nocturnal hunter, which, injects you with paralytic venom, that leaves you alive in the jungle, ready to be devoured.

This dinosaur coupled with old favourites like the T-Rex and Velociraptor should have fans clamouring to play this game.

Judging from what we saw at Gamescom last week, there just is not enough hype surrounding this game. It could be that good.

Keep an eye on Telltale Games website for more information regarding Jurassic Park! http://www.telltalegames.com/jurassicpark