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Hawken Update


    Adhesive Games’ multiplayer mech game, Hawken, has appeared once more on the radar, releasing a brand new video.

    The video explains the story behind Hawken, one of two videos available for the highly anticipated indie game.

    The video details some of the story line that Hawken will follow but more importantly gives a glimpse at the gameplay. The mechs will be operated in a first person viewpoint, which will make combat seem more realistic, as you will feel every bump and explosion in your cockpit.

    The video is available on Youtube:

    Adhesive have been quiet so far in Hawken’s production, citing a reason that they will make announcements when they are worth making.

    As with most companies these days, Adhesive say that it’ll be ready when it is ready. However, if you want to keep tabs on this game, visit the official site for Hawken