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Huge “Shippuden” Expansion Launching September 9th for Pockie Ninja


    NGames have announced that “Shippuden”, Pockie Ninja’s exciting new expansion, will be launching on September 9th! A brand new trailer and new character bios are available now.

    Naruto and Bleach inspired webgame, Pockie Ninja will be rolling out the massive Shippuden expansion on September 9th. The expansion will introduce a host of new content to the popular free-to-play MMO, including new characters, outfits, events and storyline quests to follow.

    Shippuden focuses on the introduction of the Akatsuki, a group of people who aim to plunge the world into darkness. The new chapter of Pockie Ninja will showcase the primary members of the Akatsuki, continuing the action packed journey of Naruto and his friends in all new ways.

    In Shippuden, a grown-up Naruto finally meets with Sasuke again, only this time Sasuke appears to be indifferent, powerful, and has been overtaken by a desire for revenge. Even worse, Sasuke looks to have completely ended his friendship with Naruto and Sakura.

    Can Naruto retrieve his friend before it’s too late? And what of Konoha village, will Sasuke destroy it, or will he be stopped before that happens?..

    NGames have revealed more of the characters that players can expect to meet on this epic new journey. A brand new Shippuden trailer has also been released, showcasing the new characters and their powerful moves in action:

    Revenger of Destiny Hebi/Taka Sasuke
    I’ve decided on revenge. That’s always been my purpose of living – Sasuke

    Under the guidance of Orochimaru, Sasuke turned his back on the village of Konoha and gained greater power. After a confrontation with Uchiha Itachi, he finally understood that what his brother did in the past was to protect him. However, Sasuke chose a totally different path from his brother after this revelation. He met his teammates later, changed his team’s name from Hebi to Taka, and made a new goal – destroy Konoha and revive the Uchiha clan in his own way.

    Son of the Prophecy – Sage Naruto
    There’s no short cut to becoming Hokage! – Uzumaki Naruto

    When Uzumaki Naruto finished his training in Mount Myoboku, he became the first ninja to initiate ‘Sage Mode’ without performing toad-like traits. When in Sage Mode, Naruto’s speed and strength increase dramatically; he can also sense danger around him and attack in a wider range. During the battle against the Defence of Pain, Naruto used his sage mode and killed several forms of Pain alone.

    Ninja from Kirigakure – Taka Member Suigetsu Hozuki
    I could also kill Orochimaru, you were just closer to him. – Suigetsu Hozuki

    Suigetsu is a member of Sasuke’s group, Taka. Instantly recognizable by his white hair and shark-like teeth. As a child prodigy of Kirigakure, Suigetsu is quite talented and powerful. He can transform his body into liquid form at will. His ambition is to inherit the title of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and become its leader.

    Chakra-sensing Ninja – Taka Member Karin
    Sasuke looks cool even when he’s a mass of bruises! – Karin

    Karin has an exceptional chakra sensing skill and is a willing member of Taka. She appears calm and in control at times, but seems to be both dazzled and scared by Sasuke. What is on her mind when she sees Sasuke?

    New Features and Events

    Not only are the Akatsuki an important storyline of the Shippuden expansion, they will bring whole new outfits and a brand new outfit recast system to Pockie Ninja.

    To celebrate, NGames have prepared a series of exciting events for players to enjoy, making outfit collection easier than ever before.

    Event One: Play Shippuden, login to win (Sept 9th – Sept 12th)
    Details: Simply login to the game once during the event period to receive 10 free Recast Talisman

    Event Two: Smash jars and win (Sept 9th – Sept 18th)
    Details: Players who transfer 200 gold or more to Pockie Ninja will receive a bonus equivalent of 10% gold and 10% gift coupons. The more gold you transfer, the more bonuses you unlock.

    Additionally, if you purchase Gold Treasure Jars, Diamond Treasure Jars and Luxury Treasure Jars during the event, you could win a new outfit! Like with the gold, the more treasure jars you buy, the better the prizes you will win.

    Event Three: Buy 5 jars and get 1 free (Sept 9th – Sept 18th)
    Details: As straight-forward as the title suggests. Buy 5 treasure jars and you will receive a another treasure jar of the same type for free! Note: You must buy 5 of the same treasure jar to receive the freebie.

    Pockie Ninja will bring these events, new characters and more together in the “Shippuden” expansion on September 9th. As the grand battle between Sasuke and Sage Naruto unfolds, which path will the members of the Taka follow, and what will become of Konoha village?

    All secrets will be revealed soon.

    You can sign up and play Pockie Ninja for free now: http://www.pockieninja.com