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Thirteen1 September Issue Available Now!


    The huge September issue of T1 is available now, packed with the latest gaming news, reviews, previews and features!

    T1 has it all this month, including:

    Age of Wulin & SEVENCORE
    -Two mind-blowing upcoming MMO’s that you ‘need’ to know about

    Red Orchestra 2
    -The DrunkenGamer takes a look at the beta of promising WWII FPS, Red Orchestra 2, and shows off his photography skills while he’s at it.

    Deus Ex and Bastion Soundtracks – Reviewed
    -Alec-Ross looks takes a deeper look at the music that makes your favourite games so spectacular.

    Comps Galore!
    -Want an Ultra Rare Edition of Super Meat Boy? How about some Sam & Max goodies? Or maybe a SteelSeries World of Warcraft Mouse and a WoW: Cataclysm Collectors Edition tickles your fancy? We’ve got them all waiting for you.

    GamesCom Highlights
    -We check out All Zombies Must Die, Brackon Tor, OnLive, and loads of other awesome titles you might have missed at this years GamesCom

    Diablo III
    -The DrunkenGamer talks about some of the new features of Diablo III

    Brando’s Omerta
    -We catch up with The Godfather of Omerta to see how the latest version of the innovative gangster game is keeping things fresh

    ..and more!
    -Tons of reviews and features; including From Dead Island, Resistance 3, Super Meat Boy, Serious Sam DD; plus previews, features and comps to check out!

    Men of War: Vietnam!
    Men of War takes things to Vietnam for the latest instalment in the hard-as-nails strategy series
    Does it live up to its much-loved predecessors? Check out our review to find out!

    DrunkenGamer’s Drinking Games!
    Like your friends? Like having a few drinks? Like having a few drinks with your..you see where this is going.
    Be sure to check out the DrunkenGamer’s latest Resistance 3 and Uncharted2: Amongst Thieves drinking games. Perfect fodder for your weekend of fun. If you’re old enough, of course.

    T1 Countdown – Best of GamesCom!

    Check out our 13-1 Countdown of the Best of GamesCom
    A list of the greatest games, cosplayers, and all things gaming from this years GamesCom event

    Red Orchestra 2!

    It’s the most promising new FPS to come out in years, so we sent the DrunkenGamer behind enemy lines to take a double-vision look at what Red Orchestra 2 has to offer. It’s looking good – very, very good!

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