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Worms Ultimate Mayhem – ‘Pimp your Worm’ with Crazy Customisation!


    Ministers of madness Team 17 today announce that their much anticipated collection of enhanced 3D chaos, Worms Ultimate Mayhem, will now be making its anarchic arrival on Steam for PC on Wednesday 28th September 2011, wriggling back one week later than originally announced.

    Team 17 have today also released another helping of Worms based video-madness, with a look into just how ludicrously customizable Worms Ultimate Mayhem really is, in their brand new ‘Customisation’ trailer.

    Worms fans the world over have always loved making the pink little blighters their own, be it with hats, speech banks, or just plain naming them silly things. Worms Ultimate Mayhem ups the ante by providing more options than ever before, with well over 100 ridiculous customisation items.

    Players can customize what their worm’s wear, with a huge selection of silly hats, hands, gloves, moustaches and glasses available, and also what gravestones and speech banks the worms have. The game modes are also highly adjustable, enabling players to tailor the individual game settings to their own tastes.

    There is also a ‘Wormpot’ feature, which allows even further game style adjustments, with over 1,000,000 possible combinations! Players can even create their very own Machiavellian weapon of mass destruction in the ‘Weapon Factory’; decide how it is launched, what effect it has and even what it looks like. There is very little you cannot customize in Worms Ultimate Mayhem!

    Check out the new “Customisation” trailer now on Team 17’s official YouTube channel, whilst Team17 will release further information about the humour, the extensive multi-player content and then improvements in the game very soon:

    Worms fans can still pre-order Worms Ultimate Mayhem for PC from Steam now, with pre-purchase bonuses including a 10% discount on the game, a special 4-Pack offer with a 25% saving, and also a discounted ‘bundle deal’ with Worms Reloaded. To pre-order Worms Ultimate Mayhem, please go to:

    Worms Ultimate Mayhem will be released for PC from Steam on Wednesday 28th September 2011. The final release dates for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are still to be confirmed.

    For more information on Worms please visit www.team17.comor www.facebook.com/WormsTeam17