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New Origin Expansion for Dragonica is Now Live!


Gala Networks Europe, one of the leading free-to-play games publishers, was delighted to announce that the New Origin expansion for Dragonica went live yesterday.

As the biggest content update to date for the popular action MMORPG, New Origin brings mounts, a new race, new dungeons, a fellowship party system, a level cap raise to 80 and user interface updates, among others, to Dragonica’s already expansive game world.

The introduction of the new Drakan race is undoubtedly one of the most profound additions to the game since its original release in 2009. This race is unlocked once players reach level 20 with any character.

The two new Drakan classes can then be played from level 20 all the way through to level 80. There is a completely new way to play to be discovered, whether it is as the warrior-inspired Amazonian and its double weapon skills, or the Shaman – a powerful summoning-based spell-casting class.

New Origin also brings an eagerly awaited mode of transport to Dragonica: several mounts are now available to players, including two pets for characters at level 23, which can be obtained easily through an in-game quest. Several other majestic creatures are waiting for heroes from level 40 and 60 as rewards from dungeons. These mounts will not only provide a handy mode of transportation but also help their owners fight in battle.

New Origin also brings the implementation of Kareuza, a beautiful Drakan town. Kareuza is only one of the many maps, which have been added – others include the addition of two new dungeons and a reshaping of the world continents.

This expansion also sees the launch of a brand new dungeon system, in which players are able to enter dungeons and tackle their opponents with a group called a fellowship, of up to 8 people, unlike the standard parties which only allowed groups of 4.

However, it would not be an expansion without new challenges awaiting the heroes – and the Akia Cave Dungeon (Level 45+) and Black Claw Nest (Level 75+) will see that all newly acquired armour, weapons and mounts are put to good use.

New Origin also includes a number of functional updates – one of the highly anticipated ones being changeable display resolutions. Previously, Dragonica did not support widescreen monitors and now there are up to 10 different options to choose from, to best suit the user’s tastes.

The chat system has also received a complete rework, including a new trade channel, a new combat log separate to the chat window and the option to move the chat window around the user interface.

All you need to play this free manga-style online Action Game in English, German or French is a free download from the gPotato Portal:http://dragonica.gpotato.eu.