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Unlock the Animus – and Win!


    To get fans of Assassins Creed excited about the upcoming Assassins Creed Revelations game (if they already weren’t excited about it!), Ubisoft have launched a website aimed to challenge your viewing abilities.

    “The Animus” refers to a code of DNA sequencing and to complete it, you must finish each strand on the website, http://www.unlocktheanimus.com/#!/uk/home/. The first strand is available now and the challenge involves you watching a trailer for Revelations and placing words in a specific order.

    A new strand will unlock each week up until November 8, 2011. If you have managed to unlock the Animus then you can enter your best scores to try and win a trip to Istanbul for you and a friend.

    The puzzle is extremely tricky, so if you think you have a knack for DNA sequencing, head on over to http://www.unlocktheanimus.com/#!/uk/home/ and give it a go!