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Battlefield 3 attachment tweaks incoming


    DICE core gameplay designer, Alan Kertz, is tweaking and overhauling several of the weapon attachments in Battlefield 3 after posting details of his proposed changes and receiving feedback from the community.

    The bipod in particular will be getting some ‘love’, but among the other attachments being tweaked are the foregrip, suppressor, heavy barrel, and flash suppressor. Kertz posted the full change list on Reddit.

    The bipod will be buffed, which Kertz hopes will increase the amount of bipod users. It will be faster to deploy and the reduction in recoil and dispersion will depend on the gun and ammo type.

    Amongst the other tweaks, the foregrips recoil reduction and base accuracy will be tweaked, the max range will be increased for the heavy barrel, and the flash suppressor will receive reduced recoil.

    Be sure to check out the full change list for all the in-depth details.