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NGames announce Pockie Ninja: Chapter 7


    New Bloodline Limit quests, Trial of Bravery system, and game tweaks coming soon

    NGames have revealed the features behind Chapter 7, the latest update to hit their Naruto/Bleach inspired MMORPG, Pockie Ninja.

    Releasing soon, the entirely free Pockie Ninja: Chapter 7 update will add a host of new content to the popular anime-inspired browser-based brawler.

    Building on the Chapter 6 update released in December, Chapter 7 promises new Bloodline Limit quests with a new NPC for budding ninjas to tackle – allowing players to boost their stats to all new levels.


    Bloodlines and Bloodsouls

    The new Bloodline Limits will allow players to customise their characters like never before, offering a deeper level of control on the battlefield. Every player character can have 3 Bloodline Limits active at once, each giving specific boosts to important combat attributes, such as agility, stamina, armour break, defence and HP.

    In Pockie Ninja, finding and activating the right Bloodline Limits will elevate a ninja’s skills to the next level. Especially when combined with the powerful Bloodsouls.

    To aid players in making the right choices for their character, Chapter 7 will also bring a brand new Bloodsoul tutorial quest to Pockie Ninja. The tutorial will teach ninjas how to effectively fuse their Bloodlines with Bloodsouls to reign over their opponents with increased hit power, speed and special skills – and even how to unlock special final skills for their S-Rank outfits!

    New and Improved Modes

    The Nation Cup feature is set to be replaced by the Trial of Bravery, an exciting, brand new 3v3 battle system that players can enter for prizes, points and bragging rights.

    The Trial of Bravery offers players a new quest, which they can find in Angel City through the Waterfall of the Trail entrance. Ninjas can team up and take part in this new contest every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 20:00-21:00.

    The Defence Against Tailed Beast mode is also changing with Chapter 7. The tough mode will now be opening every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, starting from 18:00.
    To aid accessibility for new players, publisher NGames have massively reduced the HP of the first 6 tailed beasts and, if a tailed beast is defeated, there is a chance it will drop its baby tailed beast!

    The towering Las Noches challenge will now be streamlined and cut back from 170 to 95 floors. The total EXP on offer won’t change though. Instead, Las Noches will become a bruising 95-stage ascent that pits players against a boss on every 5 floors, with a boss appearing on every floor for the last 20 floors.


    ..and more!

    Players will now be able to get their hands on the Soulsplit Blade in Pockie Ninja’s shop – a high powered item that can remove the Bloodsoul from an opponent and offer the upper hand in combat.

    With many more new items, new pets, new outfits, a boost in the way players accumulate offline experience, and a host of bug fixes, Pockie Ninja: Chapter 7 is set to be an exciting new addition to the Naruto/Bleach inspired MMO.

    Check out the new Chapter 7 trailer:

    You can sign up and play Pockie Ninja for free now: http://www.pockieninja.com