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Heroic Odyssey Closed Beta is Coming


    Koramgame’s hit browser game Heroic Odyssey is going to launch its Closed Beta between Jan 12th-17th.

    The game’s background is set in ancient China, in the year of 201. The world was engulfed in war, and after many years of fighting the world was at peace with the cooperation of Qing, Chu, and Han Kingdoms.

    There was a rumour that a Godly weapon will appear, and once it does it will unite the world. Soon the lords of the 3 Kingdoms will begin fighting. You, why wait? Summon your hero and lead your kingdom to dominate the world!

    Fans can login to our website to create an account; it is free and only takes you 10 seconds to finish all the steps. You can also go to our Facebook fan page to chat with other gamers and get better game experiences.

    Game Feature

    Expedition System
    Expedition interface contains 3 type of scenarios:
    1)       Infantry Expedition – 5 ingot/times, have an opportunity to obtain a piece of level 30 orange equipment, primary gemstone, primary intensify material and other items.
    2)       Archer Expedition –10 ingot/times, have an opportunity to obtain a piece of level 40 orange equipment, all types of gemstones, talisman and other items.
    3)       Cavalry Expedition – 20 ingot/times, have an opportunity to obtain a piece of level 50 orange equipment and other games item can’t buy from the mall.

    Pet System and Mount System
    In Heroic Odyssey, increasing pet characteristics will improve the pets’ quality and ability to make your pet become stronger. Each player in Heroic Odyssey will be able to customize their Mounts/Rides.

    VIP System
    Players can use the VIP card to become a VIP player. VIP’s enjoy exclusive functions and privileges, which makes game play faster and more enjoyable.

    Casting System
    Casting system is one of the core features in Heroic Odyssey. In game, the difference between victory and defeat is based on the enhancement of the players gear. Therefore, the different casting on your equipment will make your character become stronger in the battle.

    Meridian System
    To make the character stronger in Heroic Odyssey (minus level, equipment, and skill), one important part is the characters meridian; it will increase the attributes of the character. When your equipment is not good enough and you are looking for that extra edge, the Meridian will give it to you.

    Quality Set Equipment
    Orange equipment is the best quality equipment in Heroic Odyssey, it is also the rarest equipment. If you collect the whole set of rare equipment will make your character more powerful, this is the goal of most players.

    Quest Consign
    Heroic Odyssey the easy way to levelling is the quest consign. Everyday just to use this and a  few daily quests are compared to killing a few hundred of the monsters.

    In-game Bot
    Heroic Odyssey has also provided a bot for player levelling, just click to start, and whether your players is offline or online they will receive lots of experience.