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DrunkenGamer’s Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast


Now all of our readers will know that each month the DrunkenGamer writes some interesting things for us here at T1. From creating some impressive Drinking games for us, sharing his opinions on some of the latest games and even giving his take on some of the month key news stories.

However the magazine is not the only place he lets his opinions be known, for the last year he has also been sharing his take on the gaming world in podcast form.

Each week with the assistance of his friends, including other members of the T1 team both current and past, he does what he does best – drinking and talking games. The only thing that makes this different to any other occasion is that he records the resulting  banter.

Now you may be asking why this is the first you have heard of it if he has been recording it for a year already? Well there is a simple reason for that, we left it up to him to make the posts and after a few beers he does get rather forgetful. Yeah we probably should not have done that.

This however is the official announcement of the Drinky Talky Thingy Podcast, which from here on in will also be shared here on T1 so that our readers can also hear directly what goes through the head of our very own DrunkenGamer.

This weeks show includes topics such as Everquest going free-to-play, Zynga’s continued plagiarism & a whole pile of news about the Wii U. The latest episode is available for you to download here and if you find you like it you can get the backlog by subscribing on iTunes or over at http://www.drunken-gamer.com/