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God of War 4 Trailer Leaked?


Shaky cam footage of what appears to be Sony’s God of War 4 has appeared online.

The video, which was spotted by PlayStationGang, lasts just over a minute and suggests Kratos’ might not be done yet.

Given the guerilla capture method the picture is a grainy and the sound is somewhat distorted.

The teaser opens by displaying the logo of God of War dev, Santa Monica Studio, A voice can then be heard trying to awaken someone.

“Brother, the phoenix has-been drinking your blood, full of your anger, your strength, and during her rebirth she also has let you in life. Now I ask you: what are you going to do? Would you leave me here in hell? [Inaudible], wake up, wake up!” says the voice.

The ending of God of War 3 seemed to bring the story of series protagonist to a close, so it may be that the characters here are new, but the phrase ‘Would you leave me in hell’ suggests the speaker is Deimos, the ill-fated brother of Kratos.

Deimos was taken by Ares as a child after hearing a prophecy about the destruction of Olympus at the hands of a ‘Marked Warrior’, believing him to be the child of prophecy the gods confined him to the Domain of Death.

Although the content of the trailer is in line with God of War lore, the quality of the voice acting and the God of War IV logo displayed at the end is a little suspicious, we’d take this with a grain of salt for now.

Check it out.