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The Missing Ink – Q&A


Let’s be honest, the term “unique” is been thrown around way too frivolously in the gaming industry these days. During development, a lot of new games claim they’ll offer something “different” and “never before seen”, only to then turn around and release a game we’re sure we’ve played before. Some call this post-modernism – the idea that nothing can be truly new any more – but we just call it a lazy lack of creativity.

It’s really refreshing, then, to see something like The Missing Ink pop up.

A new MMO by RedBedLam – developers of the now deceased Roma Victor – The Missing Ink has a truly unique feel about it, with gameplay elements that might, just might, set it apart from the crowd. This is a sanbox virtual world MMO that promises to be both truly cross platform and truly sandbox for all players, with the ability to build your own worlds, create and set options in your own PvP Arenas, complete tons of quests, and a even enjoy a bit of medieval knight/sci-fi/pirate action – just for good measure.

We caught up with RedBedLam’s Marketing Director, Nick Witcher, to find out more.

Q. So, the Missing Ink, for anybody not in the know – what is it?

A. The Missing Ink (TMI) is a casual MMORPG with integrated player made virtual worlds, it’s a traditional style of MMORPG game but, uniquely, every player also has their own 3D sandbox to build, play and share.

We made up 3 quite neat words to describe TMI: – “Explorate” “Constructify” and “Smasherize”.

Explorate relates to the huge open world and MMORPG elements of TMI, so exploring, fighting, looting and all things MMO.

Constructify signifies your own 3D sandbox virtual world where you can build cool structures and invite friends to check out your 3D world.

Smasherize is a kind of single-player and multi-player tower defence game for your 3D world. We’ll be announcing more about Smasherize in just a few weeks time.

Q. You’ve recently launched an Alpha phase, how is feedback from the players?

A. It’s been really positive. The players have “got it”. They understand what we’re trying to do and they really like our ideas. It’s been great to see the suggestions flood into the forums and 99% of the time we’re already working on the new features they want or we’re tweaking the game play with the help of their feedback.

Q. If you had to pick one element of the game, what is it that makes The Missing Ink “unique”?

A. That’s really too hard a question to answer. It’s the total package that makes TMI unique. It’s highly social, multi-platform (including 3D in a browser), and has user-generated content and gameplay.

I guess if you were to start threatening me with bodily harm, I could handily point to our art style as ‘unique’

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