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Pockie Ninja Anniversary Events Coming to a Close


NGames unveil more surprises, including some massive game statistics.

The ninjas of Naruto and Bleach inspired MMO, Pockie Ninja have been inundated with special events in celebration of the game’s first anniversary.

A massive user-created video contest is now ready for votes, and publisher NGames have announced some final limited-time offers as a thank you to their player-base.

Launching in early 2011, Pockie Ninja has amassed over 11 million registrations to date, and now has over 1 million daily active players and over 10 million active players a month. Pockie Ninja players have so far toppled more than 97 billion monsters in the Valhalla zone, racked up 700 billion generic map monsters kills, and have earned more than 2 trillion stones between them.

An accumulative 4.2 million hours of Pockie Ninja is played every day in North America alone.

Video Voting Open Now

The massive Pockie Ninja Anniversary video contest is ready for votes.

Players have been creating their own 2-minute videos to pay homage to their favourite anime-inspired experiences from the last 12 months.

Publisher NGames have been so impressed with the efforts of their players that they have upgraded the promised prizes for all winning participants, including the addition of puzzle sets and rare plush toys.

The top 10 winners of the contest will receive massive amounts of in-game gifts, while the top 2 will also walk away with real-world material prizes.

The user-created entries feature an epic fight between Sasuke and Naruto; a fantastic Naruto vs. Bleach battle that marries Pockie Ninja and anime footage together; promotional trailers featuring in-game special effects; and more.

Visit the event page now to watch and vote on all of the videos – voting is open until March 30th here.

Tasty treats at Tsundaes Pub

From now until March 25th, players can visit Tsundaes Pub for a selection of happy hour treats.

Ninjas can walk away with Dark Red Collection Jars, Bloodsoul Jars and magical Craftsman Talismans just for attending the lucky draws held at Tsundaes Pub.

Meanwhile, players who head to the Mall and spend gold on items will be rewarded with free Inscription Talismans and Pet Skill Locks.

DIY Anniversary Avatars

NGames have launched a Do It Yourself avatar creation contest on their official Facebook page (Click to Follow Pockie Ninja on Facebook) with plenty of rewards up for grabs for entering.

Players have until March 24th to create a Pockie Ninja Anniversary inspired avatar and enter it into the contest. Participants must put the avatar as their main Facebook picture until the end of contest, when NGames will randomly pick 50 winners to receive Outfit Wishing Pots, Dark Red Collection Jars, Gift Boxes, and special Anniversary Edition Medals.