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Rappelz Part 4: Ancient Legacy


    Gala Networks Europe today announced the next expansion for its Fantasy MMORPG, Rappelz, with Part 4: Ancient Legacy.

    The last chapter of Epic VII will be revealed in French, German, Turkish, Polish and Italian.

    After implementing the Master Class quest and the Solo Instanced Dungeon Vulcanus with the last expansion, Rappelz Epic VII Part 4: Ancient Legacy is going to continue the challenges for Master Class players.

    The new Instanced Dungeon “Cubric” will be located in the frozen waterfall in Kainen Lake and will be open for all Master Class parties.

    Created by ancient Cube creatures, the “Cubric Dungeon” will transfer players into a recently discovered ancient world.

    Unlike in the Vulcanus Dungeon, players only need to defeat two middle boss monsters, known as “Yaksa” before facing “Butkadah” – the god created and worshipped by the ancient Cubes.

    The Cubric Dungeon will hold the strongest monsters, but players brave enough to enter will be rewarded with Master Class item drops such as weapons, belts and much more.

    Part 4: Ancient Legacy will also feature the new creature “Lydian”. Based on the existing one, this beast has evolved into a trustful companion. Lydian will be a mountable melee creature with physical attacks based on high strength and fast movements. Powerful active and passive skills will make the Lydian an effective damage dealer and a good support to its master in each battle.

    Additionally the User Interface will see many enhancements and changes with the upcoming expansion. The quest and party UI will be revamped including the quest window, quest list, world map, party functions etc. to help complete single or party quests easier.

    For the first time ever, select players will be able to check out the new features of Epic VII Part 4 from May 8th on the European Test Server. All they have to do is pre-register on the brand new website at today and get picked by the Rappelz team.