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Beta Preview – World of the Living Dead


Another zombie game, is it? Jump in, boys, there’s plenty of room in this overcrowded market if you squeeze in-between Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. Don’t mind the smell.

Developers and gamers just can’t leave the damned things alone – zombies are EVERYWHERE these days and there’s no sign of the outbreak abating. This is especially true of the browser-based title currently in its beta-testing stages, World of the Living Dead, though where virtually all other games are keen to show off their horribly mutated/mutilated celebrities, this game is all about focused management and survivor coordination.

The playing field is Los Angeles, California, and your team of survivors must negotiate their way between and through ‘yellow’, ‘green’, and ‘red’ zones, while scavenging whatever they can wherever they can. You can guess what those zones signify, right? If not, your skills of perception are clearly well below those of the average survivor and it’s suggested that you stay back – let the others handle this one.

World of the Living Dead is by no means an easy game to get into; the tutorial will probably take up the first couple of hours alone, and even then you’ll still be trying to figure things out. Fortunately, you’re prompted into making most of the right decisions by looking at the condition of your survivor squad and trying to meet their needs as required. You start out with three enterprising individuals, all of whom are quite eager to stay alive and out of trouble, but here’s the rub.

Zombies don’t need to eat, drink, or sleep…But humans do. Zombies don’t care who they’re mixing with amongst their undead brethren; if your skin’s hanging off and half your face is missing, you can do the retarded street shuffle with them any day or night. Humans tend to be picky when it comes to social tasks as simple as meeting their neighbours, and this means that if you encounter other survivors holed up in a safe house, for example, the chances are you’ll get your head shot off rather than a helping hand.

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