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Diablo 3 – 5 Day Review


We kicked off our inaugural week of T1 Daily by debuting the 5 Day Review.

In this format, we review a game over the course of the week and give it a score on Friday. This week, we review Diablo III in all its hack’n’slashy glory!

We reviewed Blizzard’s epic dungeon crawler and looked at hugely different aspects on each day, from solo play, to the Auction House and DRM, to the future of the game and the inevitability of PvP and the Real Money Auction House.

Below are links to each of the 5 days, so you can read them all in one sitting.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Journal of an Adventurer

Part 3: Journal of Party Questing

Part 4: Auction House and DRM

Part 5: Conclusion and the Future