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Lara’s New Voice: 5 Interesting Facts About Camilla Luddington


Square Enix have today announced that British beauty Camilla Luddington will be the new voice of Lara Croft.

So who is Camilla, and what does she bring to Britain’s greatest gaming export that previous voice actors Shelley Blond, Judith Gibbons, Jonell Elliot, and the famous Keeley Hawes, couldn’t?

1 – She’s not just the voice – she’s the body as well.

Luddington is the first person in Tomb Raider history to provide both the voice and motion capture for a Lara Croft adventure. This instantly gives her an edge over the previous voice actors – yep, even the great Keeley Hawes.
Lara Croft was completely hand animated until Tomb Raider: Underworld, which saw Heidi Moneymaker step in to help lend more realistic movements to Hawes’ voice work.

Note the word “body” by the way, not “model”. Luddington won’t be appearing at shows in her Croft get up like the well known gymnast Alison Carroll or the naughty Nell McAndrew. Crystal Dynamics have banned it.

2 – But she still has sex appeal

She might not be set to show off her skin at tradeshows and events, but that doesn’t mean Camilla comes without sex appeal. Just the ask chaps who make HBO’s Californication.

Lets just say she made quite the ‘splash’. We’ll leave you and Google to figure out the rest.

Read the Rest of the Facts in T1 Daily Now

  • W

    “So who is Camilla, and what does she bring […] that previous voice actors […], and the infamous Keeley Hawes, couldn’t?”

    Why exactly is Keeley Hawes infamous? And why is she a paragraph later all of a sudden great?

    having an extremely bad reputation: an infamous city.
    deserving of or causing an evil reputation; shamefully malign; detestable: an infamous deed.

    Other than that, I’m really looking forward to this game. I loved all of the Tombraider games made by Crystal Dynamics and find it baffling that they haven’t sold more, or are relatively unknown.

  • http://www.thirteen1.com Dan

    Great spot Lordzy, thanks! The article was meant to say famous but the antonym accidentally snuck in there instead.

  • Matsuke

    By the way Californication is not from HBO, is from Prime Time. You might be referring to True Blood from HBO where Camilla has worked before

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