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4 Reasons We Shouldn’t Be So Harsh on Diablo 3


The current direction of Diablo III is a topic that splits much of its community down the middle, and understandably so. While they have their redeeming qualities, plenty of criticism has been fired at features like the Real Money Auction House (RMAH), lack of storyline and the Inferno difficultly.

What’s more, some of the decisions made in recent patches have been sketchy to say the least. Make no mistake, Diablo III is by no means a perfect game. However, here are 4 reasons why we shouldn’t criticise it quite so harshly.

Story isn’t the be all and end all

Despite claims from Blizzard that the story is solid and they “get lots of compliments on the story and dialogue”, there some very weird things going on. The Lord of Lies is a terrible liar; Azmodan – the greatest general of Hell – tells you his every move; Maghda is a villain copy-pasted from Power Rangers; and the Zoltan Kulle story-arch could not be more obvious.

However, by Jay Wilson’s own admission, they never set out to make War and Peace. In the same way that the popularity of modern Call of Duty games doesn’t come from the single-player storyline, people didn’t rush to the shops to buy Diablo III for the story – the allure of the game is killing stuff and finding loot. As a result, while there is debate over how good the story is in Diablo III or whether certain characters met an end that justified their legendary status, criticising the game as a whole because of a bad storyline is unjust.

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