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Dan Bull Q&A – The Rise and Rise of Gamings Most Influential Rapper


Dan Bull – recognise the name? You should; especially if you follow the plethora of gaming inspired music videos currently doing the rounds on YouTube. Taking a recent game and making a song about it is fast becoming a popular way of getting hits. But there’s something different about the way Dan Bull does it – it demands an incredible amount of respect.

Bull isn’t just using games to craft funny songs and cash in on cheap internet hits like so many others. He’s a rapper first, and as such stays true to being an artist of his craft. The result of this is quickly separating him the pack – his gaming tracks aren’t just gimmicks; they’re executed with the kind of grandeur you’d expect to find on a commercial album. It was games that got him through a torrid time of serious illness at the hospital. He respects them, and it shows. It also doesn’t hurt that, when it comes to rapping in general, Bull has mad skills on the mic.

Dan Bull’s new found popularity is thoroughly deserved too; earned through years of hard graft and a constant defiance to conform.

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