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Review – Obsessive Collecting Disorder


There’s lots of reasons people make games. Some want to tell a story, or some just want to be an enjoyable focal point for a group to have fun with. Some are more gruff than that. Some want you to get mad at them; to almost want to chuck the controller across the room screaming, only to pick it up and grimly try all over again.

These games exist to be gaming’s equivalent of mountains to be conquered just because they are there; titles like I want to be the Guy and the Super Meat Boy. It’s into this category that Obsessive Collective Disorder happily drops itself, and while it may not stack up completely in the face of it’s more developed brethren it is still a good expression of hard-but-fair design.

Obsessive Collective Disorder (OCD) is a platformer. Your little stickman character runs through high-contrast white and black stages ducking and weaving through various obstacles to grab coins, collect all the coins in a level to advance. It’s a simple concept done a hundred times before, but as a challenge game innovation tends not to be the name of the game; the fun comes from starting off faced with a bewildering challenge and taking it apart piece by piece, learning how they interact with one another and coming out on top – of course, by the game’s nature power-ups, checkpoints and other concessions to the player are absent by design.

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