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Tools Of the Trade – The 13 Best Video Game Weapons


The premises of videogames are rarely about anything else but violence. Even Sonic and Mario were jumping on heads and crushing skulls with their own two feet in the beginning. Many years on, and the rules remain the same, although the method has changed; instead of feet we get more sophisticated items of destruction. Sometimes destruction isn’t even the goal, sometimes we just need to defeat our foes using some form of harmless pacification to get to our objective. Whatever the context, the tools and weapons are important to us; they are what make gameplay elements unique to the individual game. This month we honour those weapons and devices that have saved our skin, and made us chuckle with amazement.

13 – B.F.G 9000 from Doom

If you’re stuck in a rut on an alien planet, hordes of flesh-eating mutants coming at you, what better companion to have than the B.F.G 9000 – the B.F.G standing for Big Fucking Gun. The most powerful weapon in the Doom series, the B.F.G is a ferocious firearm that shoots giant green balls of Antimatter capable of instantly killing any enemy that’s directly hit. It also does considerable splash damage; allowing experienced gamers to obliterate a number of grunts with one well-placed shot. This weapon is iconic within the industry – guaranteed a spot in this countdown from the get-go.

12 – Red Turtle Shell from Mario Kart

The cornerstone of the Mario Kart armoury, the Red Shell, turtle or tortoise (I’m not sure which), is a homing projectile that’s the most popular power-up in the racing series. These shells aren’t rare, in fact you’ll seen dozens flying around each course you play, but having three of these bad boys at your disposal could be the difference between third and first place. They also work well as a protective shield from other projectiles – except the dreaded Blue Shell.

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