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Why Modern Warfare is The Best Action Movie Trilogy I Ever Played


It’s not often you’ll hear me singing praises for anything Call of Duty related, save for the fact that Activision has tapped into a communal gaming zeitgeist of previously unfathomable proportions, and that they deserve recognition for it.

That in itself isn’t exactly praise; it’s more of a passing compliment, an acknowledgement that a game developer/publisher has managed to capitalise so successfully on already understood values and inclinations. We like our games fast, accessible, and unpredictable, and you can’t say the Call of Duty franchise doesn’t possess those qualities. I’ve done nothing more here than I would by telling a work colleague their haircut really suits them.

So the multiplayer isn’t what I’m praising, obviously. It’s good fun, if a little bland from time to time.

The unspoken tragedy of the Call of Duty games is how underrated their campaign scenarios stand after the dust settles. These games are never remembered for their heavy depictions of human civilisation trying to bite its own throat out, and I can’t for a moment understand why we haven’t taken the campaign as seriously as we do their online components.

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