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TGS: What is SAGA Kingdoms – The Shadow Cabal?


    SAGA Kingdoms – The Shadow Cabal was one of the more interesting trailers to come out of this years TGS. A live action video featuring a hot girl pwning a dwarf/demon and taking down a dragon with a single arrow is always going to get attention, but what is this mysterious new trailer all about? In fact, is it even ‘new’ at all?

    The answer is no. Back in May this year, Arrowstorm Entertainment failed to get funding through Kickstarter for their live action web series, SAGA Kingdoms – The Shadow Cabal. SAGA Kingdoms will be based on the game SAGA, which was the first collectable, persistent, RTS of its kind. Arrowstorm Entertainment has previously had two other live action movies funded through Kickstarter, so they were pretty confident a series based on their popular game would be a hit.

    The web series was originally planned to launch in the spring of this year, but seems to have been moved back due to funding issues. With news drying up after May, a Facebook page was set up in August to promote and apparently resurrect the series. It now appears that The Shadow Cabal will be launching early 2013 and that the work is coming along nicely.

    SAGA Kingdoms – The Shadow Cabal is set during the second age after a long and bloody war between Gods. The Order – an alliance between the humans, elves and dwarves – is trying to restore peace and structure back to the land. The story follows an agent of the order and an unlikely ally as they try to find and defeat a mysterious and dangerous emerging threat known only as “The Shadow”.

    The live action CGI trailer shown at the Tokyo Games Show is the same trailer that appeared on Kickstarter in April. This shows promise to fans of the game and hope to the people who tried to originally back the project.