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Metal Gear – 25 Shades of Snake


    Nope, we don’t have some sordid fan fiction in store for you.. this is actually an amazing tribute to the Metal Gear Series’ 25th anniversary, courtesy of Graphic designer, illustrator and animator, Joseph Payne.

    Working with an illustration he had previously made, Joseph, together with James Dance of Loading Cafe Bar (one of Englands only licensed gaming venues), who commissioned this piece, created this likeness of old and young Solid Snake. It took 12 hours and 2100 shot glasses filled with different coloured beverages, all spread out across a two meter squared area to achieve the final piece, captured by photographer Will Edgecombe.

    They presented a print of the piece to Hideo Kojima after his Bafta talk on the 28th, who went on to say that he will hang it in his office.  Dance stated, “Whenever Hideo Kojima visits countries I’m sure he gets showered with gifts relevant to the culture, so we thought we’d do our bit for upholding the stereotype of England being a nation of drinkers and create this liquid tribute to Snake”

    We’ll drink to that!